Almaty Power Plants JSC in in faces


Scvortchov Sergey Mikhailovich Skvortsov, Head of Production and Technical Department of CHPP-1


Scvortchov Biletsky Ivan Nikolayevich, master of the sector for repair of boiler equipment of the PRE "Energoremont"


Vlasova Vlassova Tatyana Vassilyevna, Lead Control Engineer (metalworker) Metal and Welding Service "Energoremont" JSC "Almaty Power Plants"


 Erilov Alexander Viktorovich, Chief Foreman of Industrial Repair Company “Energoremont” of JSC “Almaty Power Stations”

Krainov Krainov Roman Yurievich, senior master of ASCAE and SDTM of the thermal automation and measurement department of the Western Thermal Complex of “Almaty Power Plants” JSC

siezovSiezov Vladimir Viktorovich, Head of the Repair Service of the Department of Operation and Repair of “Almaty Electricity JSC stations”

2018-07-24 061901 Makurochkin Anton Valerievich, Head of the Production and Technical Department of the Kapshagay HPP of “Almaty Power Plants” JSC

 Meshcheryakov Alexander Viktorovich is a chief master in railway farms Reception and fuel unloading Center of Almaty Power Plants JSC.

tolkanovTalkanov Yelzhas Yerzhanovich, Head Assistant of the Department for the operation of CHP-2 JSC "Almaty Power Plants"

Nikolay Afonasiev

Nikolay Afanasiev, senior master of ACSAEEP and DDMS of the workshop of thermal automatics and measurements of the Western thermal complex of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations".


Abdukarimova Gulzhaukhar Kenessovna, the main specialist of the maintenance service of the operation and repair department of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations".


2018-02-20 103826Ivanov Andrey Viktorovich, Head of Electrical Engineering laboratory of the Kapshagay HPP  “Almaty Electric Power Stations” JSC 

2018-02-01 094925

Bolatbek Suanbekov is a senior master of the boiler cleaning section for repair of power equipment of TPP-2 of the PRP "Energoremont" JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations"

Dranichnikova Dranichnikova Yelena Borissovna, Head of the Production and Technical Department of CHPP-3 of “Almaty Electric Power Stations” JSC


2018-02-01 094943

Alexey Kim is a chief engineer of Almaty CHP-1 of Almaty power station JSC 


2018-02-01 095009

 Tatyana Mikhno is a master of industrial training of metal and welding service of the PRP "Energoremont"

2018-02-01 095026

 Fazoil Salimov is a managing Director of the Almaty CHP-2 Almaty power station JSC

2018-02-01 095041

Viktor Bezruk, Chief Engineer of Almaty CHP-3 Almaty Electric Power Plants JSC 

2018-02-01 095052

Abzal Zhakypbayev is a Deputy chief engineer for operation at CHP-2 Almaty power stations JSC

2018-02-01 095217


Yury Shikhanov is a Head of the Metal and Welding Service of the Production and Repair Enterprise Energoremont Almaty Electric Power Plants JSC

2018-02-01 095118

 Maxim Mamyrin is a chief engineer of Kapshagay hydroelectric power station of Almaty power station JSC. Almaty power stations: choosing a profession, we choose the future.

2018-02-01 095132

Adilet Beissenbayev is a head of section at CHP-2 of the Center intake and discharge of fuel at Almaty power plants JSC

2018-02-01 095145

HajiMurat Imazhanov is a Deputy chief engineer – head of production and technical Department of the fuel receiving and unloading Center of Almaty power stations JSC

2018-02-01 095159

Natalya Grankina is a senior inspector on labor protection and safety of the Cascade of HPP Almaty power plants JSC

2018-02-01 095228

Galym Zhanbyrshy, Managing Director of Almaty CHPP-1 Almaty Electric Power Plants JSC 

2018-02-01 095240

Ibrahgim Gekkeyev, Deputy chief engineer of the hydroelectric power Almaty power stations JSC